Server Access to internet



Have a computer running W2K Server w/sp2, Workstations on
W2K Pro. Server is DHCP server for network, scope of Linksys router IP of (Hard
assigned in router. DHCP disabled) Linksys connected to
internet thru cable modem to SBC DSL (PPoE). all clients
can access internet ok. Server IP address of
mask Thru blind stabs and trial & error of
router management services (?) was able to get to a point
that I could access the router set-up html thru IE. could
not get server to access internet. do I have to set up a
static route to access internet across the sub-nets? If
the terminology is mixed up, please excuse, Inherited this
system and am new to W2K server setups.

Jake Paris

Why exactly are you:

A) Setting up the router's static IP within the DHCP range? It would be much
better to give it like or whateva.
B) Setting the server IP in a different subnet from the DHCP clients? Is
there any reason behind this... or is that just random? I can't see a reason
not to have the server IP be or something along those lines instead
without more info from you.


As I said, I inherited this set-up and am not too sure how
or why the server address was set to That is
the address of the physical machine and the tcp/ip for the
NIC. The shares on the server (<<server-name>>.local) show
up when looking at network places at the workstations on
the 10.0.0.* side.
My thinking when I set up the dsl internet connection was
to give the router a static address that everyone could
see with no problems. I didn't know at the time that the
server was different.

obviously i'm not on site at this time and am throwing
this out from a fragmented memory.

Is there a simple resolution to this mess or are we in a
loop,endless, see endless loop?

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