Internet keeps dropping off


Jon Low

I have recently installed vista 32bit, on my dell dimension desktop, and am
using a d-link wireless card (DWL 510) to connect to a d-link router. i have
installed the updated driver for the wireless card. my problem is the
internet keeps dropping off after several hours and cant re-connect, it can
see the router but no internet traffic is getting through. another wired or
side affect is it totally messes up my home network which has another pc
connected via wired cable. once i disconnect my PC the home network comes
back online? any suggestions?

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)


D. Moore

I am having the same issue. I temporarily have dial up and had to purchase a
USB Modem for my XPS 1530 with Vista 32-bit on it. I am only able to stay
online for about a 1/2 hour before getting kicked off. Once kicked off I
cannot reconnect.
I was thinking of switching to wireless until I read the below. Any ideas?


I also have this problem. My computer is connected to the router by ethernet,
and this problem happens all the time. Next I tried connecting the computer
to the router wirelessly, still the same problem! All the other computer work
great, but this one really has problems! And I have had this problem for a
very long time, so I have tried EVERY possible thing, including all new
router, wireless card, dsl modem and even upgraded form xp to vist hp
thinking it had better network connectivity. Can you help?

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