Sharing Local Area Connection



I Have A Windows Vista Home Premium And I Have A Wireless And Wired Network.
The Map Of The Network Is That I've Connected My Laptop(Windows Vista) To
ADSL Router And I Want To Share "Local Area Connection" To Be Used By Other
Pc's(Windows XP MCE).I've Shared Wireless Network And They Are Working
Properly And I Can Use Shared Files On The Other Pc's But The Other Pc's
Don't Receive Any Internet Packet.I Could Easily Share And Use Interenet In
Windows Xp But Now I Don't Know Where Can I Share This "Local Area
Connection" In Windows Vista...Here Is The Map:
Pc(Using Wireless Network-Runing Win XP MCE)=>Laptop(Connected As A Server
For Wireless Network-Runing Win Vista)=>Laptop(Connected With Wire To ADSL
Now,How This Pc Will Use Internet???



Wessel Troost

It's quite well hidden, find the networking center in the config
panel. Select Manage Connections. This is actually the Windows XP
interface hidden beneath layers of good looking UI. You can enable
internet sharing here like you used to-- right click your internet
interface card, properties, sharing tab, and enable sharing.

Back in the Networking Center, make sure your local connection is a
"private" and not a "public" network. Vista won't share the internet
to a public network.

Not sure if Vista Home supports sharing an internet connection.

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