Internet Explorer 7 won't open after Antispyware Soft infection



I have been infected by rogue spyware attack Antispyware Soft which
following instructions from various forums I have manage to successfully
remove (Ithink...)
However when I try to open Internet Explorer 7 I get the message 'Internet
Explorer cannot display the webpage'
When I run the diagnostic link I get the following report :

'Windows cannot connect to the Internet using HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP. This is
probably caused by firewall settings on this computer.
Check the firewall settings for the HTTP port (80), HTTPS port (443) and FTP
port (21)

You might need to contact your Internet service provider (ISP) or the
manufacturer of your firewall software. '

I have checked the firewall settings in the Security tab in the Control
Panel and the three port settings look ok.
I contacted TalkTalk as the ISP and they suggested removing IE7 but I
couldn't so installed IE8 instead.
I still get same problem with same diagnostic report.

Has anyone had this problem before or has anyone any suggestion?

Thanks in advance



Hello Stuart,

RepoÑt problems and check for solutions automatically

I don't know if this can in some way apply in your case, Doesn't hurt to try
the link

Note: for future consultations related to Internet Explorer, visit the
specific group for IE (IE6, IE7 and IE8) post to and seek support in IE
General newsgroup:


On the web:

In your newsreader:


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