Internet Explorer 7 Released



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The long expected final version of Internet Explorer 7 is here. After
the beta versions, Microsoft Corp. have released on the market a truly
competitive Web browser.

With enhanced security features designed to provide a high degree of
security during any Web surfing experience, a newly implemented
'Windows Customer Service Experience Improvement Program' and many more
useful features, Internet Explorer 7 appears to be a very good
alternative to Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Let's have a look at the user interface: tabbed design, customizable
toolbar, 'Favorites Center' containing history and RSS feeds, 'Windows
Live' search engine included by default. All the open tabs can be
displayed in thumbnail mode (Quick Tabs), the search engine section can
be customized by adding or removing search providers and setting your
favorite search engine as default.

The help section has been improved: you can take a quick tour of IE7's
features, send feedback and get online support. The tools in IE7
provide a safer browsing or online shopping: the pop-up blocker filters
help you allow or block all pop-ups or pop-ups from selected Websites.
You can also build a list of exceptions. The phishing filter improves
your online security level: phishing filter settings can be manually
changed, you can report phishing Websites or check a Website. Now you
can manually manage IE7 add-ons and ActiveX controls by enabling and
removing them. As for cryptographic protection, SSL 2.0 and 3.0 and TLS
1.o protocols are used by IE7 in order to provide authentication and
communications privacy over the Internet.

Among other features, I must mention the 'Auto-complete' feature,
accessibility options, customizable security level for browsing,
content advisor, multilanguage support.

Pluses: Enhanced security features, support for Google and Yahoo!
toolbars, quick browsing experience, session restore feature,
import/export wizard (this feature allows you to import and export
Favorites, RSS feeds or Cookies to other applications or files which
can be saved on your computer).

A nice thing I noticed, after I installed this new version of Internet
Explorer, was that it can be set to use ClearType fonts. This kind of
font improves the readability of text on LCD displays. I also saw that
my Yahoo! Messenger windows were also using ClearType after the
installation of Internet Explorer 7.

Drawbacks / flaws: A download manager with pause/resume functions is
still missing. Since all current browsers are trying to comply with the
W3C standards I had to test the browser with the well known Acid2 test.
Unfortunately, IE 7 failed.

In conclusion: The final release of IE 7 can be now compared to other
competitive browsers on the market.

Click Here To download :




Ignore the enclosed link and get it directly from Microsoft.

IE 7 has been out for just about a month now and you should only
download it from a known safe site, like Microsoft.



Beauregard T. Shagnasty

Ignore the enclosed link and get it directly from Microsoft.

IE 7 has been out for just about a month now and you should only
download it from a known safe site, like Microsoft.

This "Downloadhub" nut has been making posts to his apparent affiliate
links for days now, for different software apps.

Please do not quote the entire spam if/when you reply to it. Thanks for
your consideration.

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