IE 7 "Stack Overflow line 83" message



Running XP Home Edition SP3 will all security updates. Also using Internet
Explorer 7.

Recently installed a HP Deskject 4260 printer, using the installation CD to
install the drivers. At the same time I updated XP for a security patch (I
don't remember which one, but may have been related to Internet Explorer 7).
Rebooted, and IE 7 operated fine until I tried to open a new tab. As soon as
I did, IE7 instantly crashed. XP continued nicely, just IE 7 instantly turned

I uninstalled IE7 and reinstalled it from a download at Now
tabbed browsing works, but when I turn on IE 7, I get an error message about
a stack overflow line 83. Sometimes the error is "Stack overflow line 82."

Virus scan (PCShield) comes back clean, as does AdAware 2007.

Any ideas? Is it my breath?

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