Interesting story - OASIS debate





I don't know much about this issue but thought folks here might find it
interesting. I hope it's not OT:

OASIS patent policy

A who's who of the open-source and free-software movements on Tuesday
took aim at a leading Web services standards group (OASIS), escalating
pressure for mandatory royalty-free licensing policies with calls for a
boycott of its specifications.

OASIS (the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information

Open source software standardization

Open source software is defined under the GPL licence and that tells the
story. Keeping software that is commercial from public and free is the
object of the GPL licence. What needs to be addressed is the rights of
commercial interests versus the rights of the public interests which to
me it seems has not been done because only commercial interests have had
their voice heard in government. Standardizing the open source software
model is nessesary for future technological development. How people use
the software model is explained in the GPL license and it can be
commercial or public as long as the GPL license is extended similarly.

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