Interesting DRM Article...



I found this part interesting......

'Meanwhile, free over-the-air TV is currently broadcast unencrypted, but
DVB is designing a way for it to be encrypted by devices at the point of
reception. Broadcasts will include a DRM "flag" -- a set of data that rides
alongside the broadcasted video and can signal whether content should be
CPCM encrypted with a set of standard restrictions. The default will be to
turn certain CPCM restrictions on.

Device manufacturers have no obligation to detect this broadcast flag, so
Hollywood may soon go to regulators pushing for a mandate that bans non-
compliant devices. The United Nations' World Intellectual Property
Organization (WIPO) is currently presiding over negotiations for a
Broadcasting Treaty, which could provide the legal framework for national
technology mandate laws. 4 Hollywood could also seek broadcast flag
mandates by lobbying individual Member States within the EU.'

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