Interactive SWF DisablesPowerpoint Slide Navigation



I've inserted a SWF into a ppt slide using Swiff Point player
( This particular SWF is
interactive. It's got an clickable invisible button that jumps the
movie to and from another frame. The problem is that the presentation
gets stuck on the slide with this interactive SWF. Arrow buttons and
Page buttons no longer advance to the next slide. I'm forced to Escape
out of the presentation. This problem only gets me on interactive SWFs.
Other SWFs don't appear to play havoc with ppt's slide controls. Any
suggestions or common experiences??

Thanks for your time and/or suggestions,
Paul Cross




Does this happen when the slide has focus too? Is the SWF covering the
entire slide?

The SWF covers the entire slide. If I shrink it so the PPT navigation
shows the keyboard shortcuts for advancing slides still don't work. The
arrow buttons don't advance slides, either. Only the PPT navigation
button that pops up a little window (I'm using PPT 2003) with options
works. So if I choose "Next Slide" I can advance.

Another note - If the slide in question has focus and i have not
initiated any interaction with the SWF (i.e. havn't mouse clicked on
it) the keyboard shortcuts to advance the slide work! Only after I've
clicked on the SWF do the PPT keyboard navigation shortcuts not work

Thanks for your reply and time.

-- Paul

Austin Myers

I think you have identified the problem yourself <g>. The issue is that the
swf control has the "focus" and any key strokes are being routed to the
control, not the slide.

Austin Myers
MS PowerPoint MVP Team

Provider of PFCMedia, PFCPro, PFCExpress




You can use Shortcuts addin from After installing
Shortcuts and Shortcut Manager add-ins, do the following:
1. Select "Tools" | "Customize Shortcuts..." menu item.
2. Locate and select "Shortcuts for PowerPoint" category.
3. Locate and select "Next slide on all slide shows" command.
4. In the "Assigned shortcut to command" box, press a key combination (say,
Ctrl+PgDn) to assign that shortcut to the selected command.
5. Locate and select "Previous slide on all slide shows" command.
6. Assign (say) Ctrl+PgUp key combination to it.
7. Click OK button.

The Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn should work even when SWF has keyboard focus.

- Chirag

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