SWF - First frame of movie


E. Kwong

When one inserts a movie via Insert > Movies and Sounds, one gets the first
frame of the movie in the slide. That gives the presenter a visual clue to
what movie is in that slide. But when one inserts a Shockwave Flash object
(i.e. a SWF), one pretty much get a "blank" slide in Normal View, and Slide
Sorter View. Explicit text about the movie has to be typed in, such as the
movie title.

Yes, there's tool to produce a static image of any frame of the SWF movie
and we can overlay that image on top of the Flash object and that seems to
solve the problem. But our ulitmate goal is to convert the entire ppt to
SWF. In the converted presentation, the original slide level SWF movie
plays BEHIND the static image. Surely that's not what we want. Keeping
two versions (one with static image, one without) of the same ppt is not a
good solution either.

There seems to be no workaround. Any suggestion is very much appreciated.




You can perhaps add "disappear" exit animation effect to the shape over the
swf movie and then play the swf movie. This would get you the shape as well
as the movie playing propery in exported version if the ppt to swf exporter
can handle this.

- Chirag

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