Installing Yahoo Anti-Virus


J Koornneef

My subscription to McAfee just expired, and Rogers it providing AV via Yahoo
(via Trend Micro, I believe) So, McAfee has been uninstalled, machine

Now, I install via the Rogers link, which installs an ActiveX for browser
install. I keep the rest of the Yahoo package off my machine -- no Anti
Spyware (since I'm using this one), no Parental Control, no Yahoo Browser,
Side-bar, Y Messenger or other clutter.

During install, MSAS pops up 4-7 toast in rapid succession. All over top of
each other. I can't see the 1st one any more, and must accept them in FILO
(stack) order. I hope that accepting one is not a prerequisite for another.

I think you might need a different interface. Maybe a tabbed interface, or
a growing 'toast' so I can see and select in order? Stacking toast would be
too high.

Lastly, The Green Checkmark toast -- Change has been allowed.
Name: Dashboard Module
File path: c:\program files\Yahoo\blah\yop.exe

On the bottom, "Click here for more information about this..."
So, hoping to see a history of the bunch of warning, or at least some info,
I click. A popup window "MS AntiSpyware Help" blank with a Close.

Since I've never clicked on that item before, it may be typical for this
beta to not have information there. The installation experience was
alarming in that I couldn't keep up with the warnings.



When I am knowingly installing software, I find it best to
turn off active security agents (right click systray icon,
hover over active agents status, click disable real time
protection). That saves the install from being interrupted
whilst you allow each of those alerts(which in some cases
dirsupts/breaks the installation). Then after install,
reenable active agents: you may get some popups, e.g. if
the install added something in startup. But it is easier
that way.

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