installing xp on slave drive, and swapping that one for master - n



I'm using Windows XP pro, on a secondhand computer. The master hard drive is
40 gb (partitioned into a 34-gig C drive and a 3-gig D drive), and the E
drive (from my old computer) is 10 gigs. I want to swap the drives, so that
the smaller drive is the C drive and the larger (with only 1 partition) is
the D drive.

The complicating factor is that my computer didn't come with CD's of any of
the software; instead, the 3-gig D partition contains the installers for
Windows and the other programs that were loaded on it.

So anyway, how would I go about making this happen (i.e., end result:
current slave becomes master drive with XP installed, current master slaved
and made non-partitioned, all done by reinstalling from (smaller partition
on) master drive, since no CD available)?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.




You did not say how much of that 34gig was used??
You are actually better off using the larger HD for the OS what with swap
file..restore points et al...........




A 10gb drive is likely to be a very old hd.
Your Restore drive/process may not function correctly if you add a new C

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