Installing WIN98 after WINXP



I won't bore you with the reasons why, but I now need to install WIN98 onto
my PC with XP already installed. I obviously need to re format the drive to
FAT 32 but am unsure of the best way to "Back-up" my existing installation.
Ghost is not much help as this will format the drive back to NFTS. Would XP
Back-up be the solution or does that also re format back to NTFS? I would
appreciate anyone's help on this one and any suggestions of a better a way
to achieve my aim. Also if you have any suggestions for installing WIN98
after WINXP you will make my day

Thanks in advance.....




Jose Francisco

Greetings Mick,

Well, you should try creating another partion and backup all your files and
documents onto that partion. After that you'll just need to format your
Windows XP Partion. And obviously install Windows 98. After installing
Windows 98 you just have to transfer all the documents and files to Windows

And by the way, why are you moving back to Windows 98? I prefer Windows Xp

Good Luck!

Jose Francisco


Hi Jose

I'm not actually changing back to 98, it's just that I have some programs
and in particular a video capture card that will only run on 98. I like you
prefer XP and want to maintain that as my main OS. Ideally I want
everything on one PC rather than two PC's, i.e. one with 98 and one with XP.

Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated.

Kind regards


Bruce Chambers

Greetings --

If WinXP is already installed:


The simplest way I've found to dual boot between Win9x and WinXP
would be to partition your drive(s) roughly as follows:

C: Primary FAT32 Win9x/Legacy Apps
D: Extended NTFS WinXP/Modern Apps

Adjust the partition sizes according to your actual hard drive(s)
size and the amount of space you'd like to allocate to each OS and its

Create the partitions using Win9x's FDISK so you can enable large
disk support (FAT32). (No need for 3rd party partitioning
utilities/boot managers and their frequent complications.)

Install Win9x first, being sure to select "C:\Windows" (or
D:\Windows, if you prefer) when asked for the default Windows
directory. When you subsequently install WinXP, be sure to specify
"D:\Winnt" (or "D:\Windows," "C:\Winnt" as referred/applicable) when
asked for the default Windows directory, to place it in the other
partition. The WinXP installation routine will automatically set up a
Multi-boot menu for you. The default settings for this menu can be
readily edited from within WinXP. NOTE: If you elect to place Win98
on the "D:" drive, you'll _have_ to leave the "C:" drive as FAT32.

This method can be adapted to using 2 physical hard drives by
placing the boot partition (C:, which still must be FAT32) and either
of the operating systems on the Primary Master hard drive, and the
second operating system on the second hard drive.

It is also possible to have a 3rd partition for shared
applications, but it would be necessary for such a partition to be
formatted in the common file format (FAT32). The applications would
also have to be installed into each OS (to ensure proper system file
placement and registry updates), one at a time, but the bulk of the
program files could be located on this common partition. I do not,
however, actually recommend doing this as, if you were to uninstall
such an application from one OS, you may not be able to gracefully
uninstall it from the second OS, having already deleted crucial
installation data during the first uninstall action.

Just about everything you need to know (URLs may wrap):

Bruce Chambers

Help us help you:

You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on
having both at once. -- RAH




Hi Bruce

Thanks for the wealth of information you sent. I am trying to keep my
present setup of WinXP along with all the programs I have installed and very
much regret that I did not install Win98 when I built this PC - It's so easy
to be wise after the event.

This PC has two 160GB hard drives with WinXP installed on C formatted NTFS
the other drive is formatted FAT32, both drives have one partition. I have
BootIt available but have not found a way of converting NFTS to FAT32 other
than starting all over. I have just used WinXP backup and am not sure if
when I restore it will format the drive? My thinking is that I could
reformat C to FAT32 and then restore WinXP and my programs, then install
Win98 on the second drive, that way I achieve what I am after or is that
wishful thinking?

Once again thanks for your help

Kind regards....



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