Installing Outlook 2007



I am installing Outlook 2007 on systems that have Outlook 2003 on them. Some
of these systems have been configured with cached mode on and some with it
off. I have to install Outllok 2007 on Blackberry users systems with Cached
mode off. I have tried to set the msp to modfy profile, configure and
exchange server connection and have had the Overwrite exising on and off. I
tell it not to configure Cacvhed Exchange mode, but I want it to conf.
send/rec. settings so the user can use it offline. Has anyone been able to
get this to work? Thanks!

Roady [MVP]

Your post is not very clear to me. Mainly the relation to the BlackBerry
systems, if you eventually want to have CEM on or off and the possible
reason or this.

What exactly are you trying to achieve?
How are you trying to achieve this?
What are results?
What were your expected results?

This might help as well;


I will try and answer your questions>

What exactly are you trying to achieve? I want to install Outlook 2007
without Cached mode on and have the Send/recieve settings setup so that the
user can work offline.
How are you trying to achieve this? Configuring the MSP with these settings.
What are results? Mixed results. Sometimes I get the cached mode off and
sometimes it is on.
What were your expected results? That it would work like my first answer.

As far as the reg setting, we have over 6000 users and I cannot be sure they
all have the default profile name of Outlook. I can "assume" that, but I am
sure some have been changed.

Roady [MVP]

But why do you need to have Cached Exchange Mode turned off for this? Having
it enabled is exactly the thing you want when you also want your users to be
able to work offline.

Which exact settings are you configuring in your MSP?

With a little bit of scripting, you can determine the default profile name
and have the registry key changed as well. Also, since you want to make
changes to the mail profile, it will be a good thing to standardize the name
of the mail profile as well.

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