Installing IIS for Win XP



Problem : Setup cannot copy the file staxmem.dll" error message when you try
to install IIS on a computer that is running Windows XP Professional with SP2"

Solution: ".

I got down to "Method 2: Integrate the Windows XP Professional SP2
installation files into the original version of the Windows XP Professional
installation files", step 6, "6. At the command prompt, type the following
command, and then press ENTER: xpsp2 /integrate:Drive:\winxp".

D:\>xpsp2 /integrate:c:\winxp
'xpsp2' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable
program or batch file.

note: d is my dvd-rom drive, and c is where i saved the winxp folder in step
My SP2 is an OEM version.


So your saying if I make a Slipstreamed Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD then I
should be able to install IIS?


So, you mean your system had already had SP2 installed when you purchased it
(an OEM System, not an OEM SP2 upgrade.) In that case, the seller did not
include the IIS files in what they sold you. (It should have showed up in
Add/Remove/Components) If you want IIS, you will have to buy a version of XP
that includes it.

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