installing games on vista



Just bought a new laptop with vista, have tried to install 2 games on it and
both do not function properly. The first one i installed, a pop up said the
installation was interrrupted and now it has to stop installation and it
doesn't finish installing obviously. The other game, Sims life stories, the
game was installed but the how to play feature on the game does not work,
when i click on it it says the game has crashed and now has to shut down. Can
anyone help?



Dustin Harper

You should be able to right click the executable (setup.exe for the one that
didn't install correctly, and them sims.exe [or whatever] for the other
one), and click on Properties. Then click on the Compatibility tab, then
check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows XP
(Service Pack 2).

Check and see if that works. :)

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