Inserting left-subscripts



How can I insert a left-subscript in Word-2007? I would like to use the
equation editor that comes along with it, not Microsoft Equation 3.0 and not
changing the font. The only option for this in Structures/Scripts is a
combination Left Subscript-Superscript.

Pesach Shelnitz


You can do this by performing the following steps.
1) At the place in the document where you want to insert the left subscript,
press Alt+= (Alt together with =). This opens all the controls of the Word
2007 Equation Editor on the Ribbon.
2) Click the control with e^x (e and a superscripted x) on it.
3) In the pane that opens, click the option with an array of 3 boxes, two of
which are piled up on the left and one is alone on the right. A similar array
of 3 boxes should then appear in the small Equation Editor control near your
4) In the Equation Equator control, type a space in the upper left-hand box,
type your subscript in the lower left-hand box, and type the on-line text in
the right-hand box.
5) Press End twice.


I suppose there is no way to do this without having to fill in the unused


OMG! Thank you. This has been killing me for the past few hours. This may not technically be correct, but all I care about is that it LOOKS correct. So thanx again.

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