I am trying to write out formulas in Word 2007.

I need to use large square brackets around the entire equation, as well as
subscript and superscript inside the large square brackets.

I have figured out that to get the large square brackets, I need to use the
equation tool. However, once I have inserted the large square bracket I am
unable to convert any letters/numbers to super or subscript.

Also, once i have text written in a document, I am unable to access the
Equation tab under Insert. I need to open a new document to access equation
and could then copy and save under the text in the written portion. Is there
a better way to do this?

Thank you in advance.

Stefan Blom

On the Equation Tools tab, you can use the Script button to insert
subscripts and superscripts.

If you cannot edit your equation, then you have saved the file in the wrong
format. The new equation editor requires you to save in Word 2007 format.

Note that you can still use the old equation editor; just insert Microsoft
Equation 3 via Insert tab | Object | Object, and it will be fully backward



You can do it in three steep.

1) Insert a big brackets from the editor
2) Insert a fraction in between the brackets
3) Select the numerator and selects superscript or subscript in the editor

"WashingtonDC" skrev:

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