Information Rights management



Hi there, I hope someone can help me.

Recently my Excel program has been coming up with an error when trying to
print preview a document. It says

Service Sign-up
Introducing the Information Rights Management Service and then goes on about
a "Free trial service"........ why should I at some stage in the future need
to pay for this service if that is the case? I contacted Microsoft here in
Australia and they were unable to help me apart from saying uninstall and
reinstall which I did with no success. They also stated that for someone else
to contact me it would cost $80 +...

I hope there is someone who can help me with this problem PLEASE!!!!!!!

Cheers Suepetal




I tried the following as per Gary's Student :-

To protect a workbook with IRM, point to Permission on the File menu, and
then click Do Not Distribute (or simply click Permission on the Standard
toolbar). Complete the Permissions dialog box, shown in the following

But the same message comes up asking me to sign up for the trial offer. If I
click no I still do not get the option to click next, only cancel, which then
gives me another error of "cannot use this feature without credentials"


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