INF Install Failure. Reason: The parameter is incorrect.



During upgrade from XP Home to XP Pro the Setup routine runs fine until it
gets to 'Registering Components' in the 'Installing Windows' section. At
this point a dialogue box appears entitled 'Advanced INF Installer' with the
error message: "INF Install Failure. Reason: The handle is invalid." The
installation later freezes.

Changing the boot order in BIOS to boot first from CD drive and thus booting
from the Windows XP Pro CD, then choosing the repair installation option
initially seems promising until we arrive at the same point in the sequence,
only now it reads "INF Install Failure. Reason: "The parameter is
incorrect.". Same end result though, in that the installation freezes.
Rebooting from the hard drive finds a very sick operating system (slow,
eventually freezes).

Anyone shed any light on what the error message means and how I might
resolve the problem?


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