Inbox won't display html when sending to self



I have a user that is sending an html email using Outlook 2007 SP2. OS=XP Pro

When the email is sent it views as html. The recepients receive it and view
it as html. However, if the sender sends the email to themselves, the
embedded images are converted to attachments and the text views in plain text.

However, if one of the recipients sends the email back to the original
sender, the original sender NOW can view it in html as it was originally sent.

The sender is using Symantec End Point Protection 11, and have checked the
settings on that, however, I don't beleive it has any affect as the sender
can view it if they receive from someone else. It's not the senders outgoing
settings either as the recipients view the email properly as well.

I notice that the problem email shows the attachments where as when it's
received and viewed as html, there is no attachments.

The recipients are also using outlook 2007 sp2, xp pro sp3 and Symantec End
Point 11. All users settings are the same.


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