When sending email in html format .pdf attachments can.t be opened


Cathy in Florida

I am a Realtor in Florida and send a lot of emails using Outlook 2007. I
want to continue using html format and send Adobe pdf attachments but the
recipients tell me they receive the pdf attachments as winmail.dat and can
not open the attachment.

I do not want to use plain text for outgoing mail because I have photos etc.
in my signature and custom stationery.

This has been an issue for more than a year now. Has a fix been found for
it? I have downloaded all of the MS updates (I think).



Roady [MVP]

In that case you are probably sending in Rich Text Format and not in the
HTML format.

Also check your per-contact settings for the receivers that reported the
issue. It could be that the format for those contacts has been set to Rich
Text. How to check that can be found here;

If this is the case, then a likely cause for the per-contact settings to
change is from syncing them with your mobile device and the sync software
setting changing this setting.

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