In Outlook how do you turn off the auto zip attachment feature?





Outlook itself doesn't have such a you by any chance have
QuickView Plus installed? That is just one possible add-in that zips
attachments over a certain size.

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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I think you are right on. I posted my issued due to having read at

"If you don't want attachments to be automatically zipped, turn off that
setting in the utility. If the behavior persists, make sure that you not
running another zip utility or add-in program. On the Tools menu, click
Options. On the Other tab, click Advanced Options. In the Advanced Options
dialog box, click COM Add-Ins. In the Add-Ins available list, check to see if
there is a utility that is causing the behavior. If yes, clear the check box
next the the utility name to disable it or click the utility, and then click

I couldn't find "the utility" and when I checked into Tools section, there
wasn't an add on in the window. But, yes I do have Quick View Plus installed.
How do I halt this automatic zipping feature in Quick View Plus without
having to remove the program?

Thanks so far. I appreciate your expertise.




I went into Quick View Plus and, like you said, it had the "Outlook"
integration button checked and was set to compress all attachments over 1MB.
I unchecked the 'compression' box and it works fine now. Thanks a million for
your help. I never would have thought of going to Quick View Plus.



Brian Tillman


Ask in the body of the message.

Outlook doesn't have an "autozip" feature. That's a function of your zip
program. WInzip, for example, has such a feature.

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