How turn off auto-preview globally?



In a 2007 question about this, a Microsoft MVP told someone, to turn off
auto-preview, choose a "view" that doesn't include it.

I just upgraded to Outlook 2007, and this does not work. I was finally able
to turn off auto-preview, in my inbox only, by going to

View > Customize Current View > Other Settings

and clicking on "No auto-preview." As far as I can tell, I have to do this
for every blessed folder - and I have a LOT of folders. Is there any way to
turn auto-preview off globally??



Roady [MVP]

The default Messages view does not have AutoPreview enabled;
View-> Current View-> Messages

If you had selected that view already but you had somehow modified it to
have AutoPreview enabled as well, then you could have reset the default
Messages view via;
View-> Current View-> Define Views...

The way you have changed it now is indeed per folder only. A quick way to
reset all your views back to default is to start Outlook with the cleanviews
Start-> Run; outlook.exe /cleanviews
(note the space in the command)

Now when you make changes to the default Messages view, it will
automatically apply to all the folders that are in that Messages view as


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