In a few words: Windows7 is Vista just out of beta!



I cant wait for windows7 if all this is true.. it will be far better than
vista. Vista has been a cause of disappointment and frustration all over the

In the sense in which Microsoft is building Windows 7 as the evolution of
Windows Vista, the next iteration of the Windows client will perform as if
on steroids, compared to its precursor. Steven Sinofsky, senior vice
president, Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group, along with Michael
Fortin, one of Microsoft's Distinguished Engineers and head of the Windows
Fundamentals feature team, revealed that the Redmond company had a strong
focus on delivering a high level of performance for Windows 7, comparable
with end users' expectations. And Microsoft should make no mistake about it,
Windows 7 performance expectations are as high as they can be.

"We've been building out and maintaining a series of runs that measure
thousands of little and big things," revealed Sinofsky and Fortin. "We've
been running these before developer check-ins and maintaining performance
and responsiveness at a level above which all that self-host our builds will
find acceptable. These gates have kept the performance and responsiveness of
our daily builds at a high enough level that thousands have found it
possible to run their main systems on Windows 7 for extended periods of
time, doing their normal daily work."

Microsoft underlined that the perception of performance was just as
important as the actual performance delivered by the operating system. In
fact, what managed to hurt Vista the most was this perception of poor
performance compared to Windows XP, despite the fact that benchmarks from
the software giant placed the two operating systems on par.

"We've been driving down footprint, reducing our service costs, improving
the efficiency of key code paths, refactoring locks to improve scalability,
reducing hangs, improving our I/O efficiency and much more. These are
scenario driven based on real world execution paths we know from our
telemetry to be common," Sinofsky and Fortin added.

In addition to the actual efforts poured into building the Windows 7 bits,
Microsoft is also collaborating closely with original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs), independent software vendors (ISVs) and independent
hardware vendors (IHVs) in order to ensure that Windows 7 will deliver a top
performance in concordance with the hardware resources it is made available
with. But at the same time the Windows developing team is keeping a close
eye on the milestones of the operating system as they are deployed

"Within the Windows dev team, we've placed a simple trace capturing tool on
everyone's desktop. This desktop tool allows each person to run 24x7 with
performance tracing enabled. If anything seems slow or sluggish, they can
immediately save the last minute-or-so of activity and send it for automated
analysis. Additionally, a team of people visually inspect the traces for new
issues or issues not yet decipherable by our automation. The traces are
incredibly rich and allow us to get to the root of top issues most of the
time," Sinofsky and Fortin said.

In the end, Microsoft does not rely exclusively on monitoring tasks
performed as an integral part of the dogfooding of Windows 7. The company is
also centralizing telemetry from the testers participating in the Windows 7
pre-Beta program and will continue to do so throughout the Beta and Release
Candidate stages. In addition, the software giant will take into account
micro-benchmarks and specific performance scenarios for Windows 7, on top of
the system tuning it is already introducing.

"For all Pre-Beta, Beta and RTM users, we've developed a new form of
instrumentation and have used it to instrument over 500 locations in the
operating system and inbox applications. This new instrumentation is simple
in concept, but revolutionary in result. The tool is called PerfTrack, and
it has helped confirm our belief that the client benchmarks aren't too
informative about real user responsiveness issues," Sinofsky and Fortin



Not Even Me

I'll believe it when I see it.
If it's Vista on steroids, it will have no balls at all (as Vista's are so
small you can barely detect them, and you know what Steroid use does to




YOU ...

should show us all how it is done.

Relase an OS to triple digit millions of users ..
get all those who make PC accessories to ALL update their drivers ...
and get it all out the door when everyone ELSE thinks it should be out the
door .. NOT you ...

.... then we'll ignore all those who are using it just fine ...
.... and we'll tell YOU how you should have done it ALL different .. because
we all know ..
.... listen to those who can't ...
.... ignore those who can ...


thats ALL you have to do
simple, isn't it?

how about starting a list of those who CAN do this?


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