Impossible to create MS Access ODBC




I got 2 problems on my PC (running XP sp3);

1. My program creates automatically ODBC's to access MS Access
databases, it works, but, when i open odbcad32.exe, I don't see them.
But actually they are present in the registry. (in HKCU/Software/ODBC/

2. When I use the ODBC Datasource Administrator, I click Add, choose
"Microsoft Access drivers (*.MDB)", I click finish, then instead of
going further, it comes back to the ODBC Datasource Administrator.
Meaning I can't manually add a MS Access driver. I must say that i.e.
I can create SQL drivers.

Anyone an idea ?


It appears that your Access ODBC driver is not correctly installed.
Either that or you have an odd permission problem on Vista.


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