Access ODBC drivers missing




I'm trying to install an application that requires the Access ODBC drivers,
however when I go into "Data Sources(ODBC)", there are NO ODBC drivers in
SystemDSN or UserDSN. If I go to "Add" I only get like 2 options. One is
related to SQL server and the other one I don't even recognize. It's very
strange. Usually there are at least the MS Access, Excel, FoxPro, DBASE,
etc., but those aren't there and they aren't listed as options that can be
added here.

I downloaded the latest MDAC version and tried to install it, but I got an
error message that said it was "incompatible with this version of Windows
because all components are already part of this version of Windows." I'm
running Windows XP with service pack 2.

Is there any other way to get the MS Access ODBC drivers, or does anyone
have any ideas that might be helpful? By the way, I posted this in the
Windows XP newsgroup and got no response.

Thanks for your assistance.

Adam V.

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