ODBC for access 2007 issue


Jef Dye

Okay. I have been using access for 5 years now and just upgraded to 2007 and
I have an issue with my ODBC connector. I am trying to use VBScripts to
connect to an access database and I need to set up an ODBC connector. When I
open the ODBC Data Sources and try either User DSN or System DSN, and click
ADD, I don't have ANY drivers to set up. There is only a SQL Server and
that's it.

When I had office 2003 installed, I had the options for installing a DSN for
Access but that is no long an option with the 2007 install.

Thanks for the help in advance.

a a r o n . k e m p f

you can't use ODBC to get to Jet data.
you need to use OLE DB

I personally prefer to just keep everything where it belongs-- on a
database server- and thus I don't have to horse around with it.


Albert D. Kallal

I have no idea why you not seeing a "list" of possible odbc drivers.

We taking about the control panel...right? Try creating a file DNS, and then
click on the add button...even on a computer without ms-access installed you
SHOULD see access in that list...

so, you NEVER had to install ms-access to get/see the odbc driver for a mdb
(jet) file.

For access 2007, you DO HAVE to install the driver...you can get it here:


So, for pre-acces 2007, you don't have to install access to get the odbc

Jef Dye

Yes in the control panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC)

When I click Add, I get an access list but it's empty, No Drivers at all.

Tony Toews [MVP]

Jef Dye said:
Thanks Aaron. I see that all your posts on here are worthless.

To be fair to Aaron someone is mocking Aaron.

I disagree with this kind of behavior. As much as I dislike Aaron and
his postings these kinds of postings are wrong.

Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP
Please respond only in the newsgroups so that others can
read the entire thread of messages.
Microsoft Access Links, Hints, Tips & Accounting Systems at
Tony's Microsoft Access Blog - http://msmvps.com/blogs/access/

a a r o n . k e m p f

There's no such thing as 'wrong' Tony.
It doesn't exist.

Except, of course-- your whole strategy of 'let's bully aaron because
he thinks differently'.

I've been dealing with jet crap for about 14 years now, and about 8
years ago, I said 'enough is enough' and I moved to SQL Server.
Because SQL Server is the worlds most popular database (by seats, by
downloads, by installs, by users, by OLAP market share, by Reporting
market share) I feel quite confident in recommending that people use
Access Data Projects.

So sorry that Tony Toews doesn't have the cojones to learn the worlds
most popular database.. and because he doesn't have the intellect-- he
runs around and stalks me.

Is there -ANYONE- on this newsgroup that actually claims that 'Aaron
Kempf knows nothing' is not Tony Toews? Or some other MVP?

I find it sad that Microsoft calls these dipshits professionals.

Tony Toews claims that ADP doesn't allow multiple developers to edit
queries at the same time.
That is just friggin sad. Tony has to lie in order to compete with
SQL Server-- how cute.

ADP allows you to build apps that 'just work'.
You don't need to run compact and repair-- you don't need to upgrade
_EACH_ desktop to get better performance, you can throw a single
desktop with SQL on it, and it supports hundred odd users without any
difficulty. (SQL Server 2005 Express started the tradition of 'no
limits on the free database server'-- and 99% of the MVPs around here
claim something else to be the case)

ADP allows end users to do a lot of things that they want-- but
somehow, Tony (in addition to some wheelchair retard from 9 years ago)
convinced you guys that moving to SQL Server is _SUCH_ a hard task.

It's not. It's really friggin basic Tony.
So sorry that you had such a hard time in attempting to upsize the
_ONE_ database that you've written.

****ING WAH. Grow some balls, crybaby

SQL Server has a real developer IDE.
Access/Jet does not.

SQL Server supports DDL.
Access/Jet does not.

SQL Server supports multiple users.
Access/Jet does not.

a a r o n . k e m p f

wow dude, are you on a X64 version of Windows?

X64 windows (the most popular version) doesn't support Jet or ODBC

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