Importing video files -- error "file does not contain any info"



I want to edit a MPG file in my harddrive. I clicked "Import video", choose
my file, and the following error message appeared. What does this message

The file C:\Documents and Settings\Hannabelle\My Documents\My
Videos\Hannabelle1.MPG is not valid because it does not contain any

I don't understand this because the file is 2.5 GB long. Is it too big for
Movie Maker?


Movie Maker does not support editing MPG files (properly). If youmust edit
in MM then convert it to an AVi format using VirtualDubMod.

John Kelly


For the best possible source of info go to and
explore the documents there and the offered programs for conversion to
either WMV (if you must) or AVI.

John Kelly
Truthfully, I am not an Instant Expert, But I know someone who is going to
have to try a LOT harder
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