Does movie maker work with Mpg or not



When I import files into windows movie maker it says it handles mpg in the
file type field it says it works with the popular video file types but you
have post here that takes you to a web site thats says movie maker only works
with dvi and wmv. Why can't I edit MPG's in Win movie maker. Also with the
new vista movie maker it has the camabilty to take mpg from the MCE program
to edit the clip or moive. Also with the 2005 MCE there is a progam out on
the Internet tha can convert the ms-dvd to mpg editting.

What I'm asking is can movie maker take mpg and if so what type for mpg's.
As in what type of mpg like FPS and resoultion.

" Your file needs to be converted to a
compatible format. Have a look at the
following articles:

Movie Maker 2 - Importing MPEG Files

File type compatibility with Movie Maker "

Graham Hughes

Movie Maker does not work most of the time with mpegs. Some people do get
tehm to work, it is all down to the individual pc and how it is set up with
what hardware adn software.
If you cannot import mpeg, then you cannot import mpeg adn as yo have read,
you need to convert it to wmv or DV-AVI.

Vista MM V6 does have the capaability to edit mpegs in some versions that
come with an mpeg decoder.

The other option is to buy a programme that can natively edit mpegs, two
popular ones are Adobe premiere elements 3 or Ulead Video Studio 10+


which mpeg 1-2- 3
do you have windows xp video decoder checkup utilty if not go get it
did you save it to your computer first may help

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