Importing Outlook messages into Windows Mail



I am using Vista 64 bit Home Premium, and all I am trying to do is import
my old Outlook .pst file into Windows mail. I have poured over all kinds
ofthings, but nothing works. It gives me a
"Messages cannot be imported from the MAPI client' MAPI is not installed on
this computer or an error occured while initializing it." error, and I
wouldn't know a MAPI if it bit me. I have installed Outlook 2007 on this
computer, and it found my PST file, and automatically got everything
working, but I still can't import into Windows Mail. Why???




Hal Hostetler [MVP-P/I]

The "MAPI Client" referred to in that error message is Outlook; the message
is saying Outlook is not installed. Outlook must be installed because it
(the MAPI client) is the only application able to open and manipulate a .PST
file. Installing and setting up Outlook 2007 (creating an Outlook profile
and attaching the old .PST file to it) should have made this error go away.
Not knowing the details of how you setup Outlook 2007 and attached the .PST
file to it, I would guess that either your Vista system is unhappy with how
Outlook was installed, or Outlook isn't setup properly.

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Does that mean if we don't have it on the new PC we have to buy just to get
our .pst folders to Windows Mail? Sounds like a million dollar corporate rip
off. Ideas?




If you have Outlook 2003 or newer, why not use it on the new computer?

If your old computer ran XP, you can import the Outlook data into Outlook
Express, then copy the .dbx and .wab files to the Vista computer, and import
those into Windows Mail/Live Mail.

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