Import Outllook



Tried this earlier and doesn't look like my question was entered ... sorry if
it duplicates.

I am trying to import Outlook XP (2002) into Windows Mail. I had recovered
the .pst file from my old computer and got Outlook installed and working on
the new Vista machine. When I try to import to Windows Mail, I get the
followiing error: Messages cannot be imported form the MAPI client. MAPI is
not installed on this computer or an error occurred while initializing it.

Thanks in advance for any help.




Did you ever find a solution to your question? I am trying to transfer my
Outlook to Windows Mail and I am receiving the same message regarding
messages cannot be imported from MAPI client. Thanks for your help!



Earle Horton

I tried this myself and it worked without a hitch, but I am using Outlook
2007. If you haven't done so I would recommend installing all updates which
apply to your copy of Outlook.


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