Importing Outlook 2007 pst to Outlook 2003


The Chomp

Good Afternoon;
I have been using Outlook 2007 for the past while and now have moved back to
Outlook 2003. I have tried loading my Outlook 2007 PST into Outlook 2003. I
have tried 2 different ways.
1) Rename Outlook 2007 PST to Outlook_07. Renamed the old Outlook 2003 PST
from Outllok_old to Outlook. Did not work.
2) Import the PST directly into Outlook 2003. Did not work.

Is there something I am missing
Thanks All



Missing, yes
If you uninstalled Outlook 2007 then reinstalled Outlook 2003 usually it
would have connected to your old data file, had it not simply, from within
OL, File>Open>Data File.
No Import or renaming of files required

You have probably corrupted the Outlook Profile and will need to create a
new one (not copy), and assuming you have a virgin copy of your origonal
Outlook data file locate it at the default location (Having moved any other
pst files to another location)

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