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I am trying to export DBX files from OE6 to Outlook 2000. It tells me that
Outlook is not the default email program. I've tried setting Outlook to be
the default in the Internet Options Control Panel, but it never saves the
setting. Each time I go back in, it shows OE to be the default email program.
Since Outlook is not the default email program, it won't export the messages.

I tried asking my question in the OE forum, and the person there told me to
try importing the DBX files into Outlook rather than trying to export them
from OE6. I tried that, but Outlook does not have a DBX file type for
importing. When I asked where to find the DBX file type for importing, I was
told to ask my question in the Outlook forum.

Here, in searching some of the messages relating to exporting from OE and
importing into Outlook, they recommend exporting from OE and seem to suggest
that you cannot import DBX files into Outlook directly.

So now I'm stuck. How do I export messages from OE if I can't set Outlook as
the default email program? This is all on Win XP Professional.




Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

Yes, you can import with Outlook as well as export with OE. From Outlook
2000, 'File|Import and Export|Import Internet Mail and Addresses||Outlook
Express 4.x, 5'. The reason you see exporting from OE as the preferred
method is that OE doesn't change the time and date stamps on the messages;
Outlook's Import feature DOES change them to reflect the date and time of
the import. You might be able to get the default email client setting to
stick by starting Outlook with the /checkclient command line switch:
How to use additional command-line switches that are not included in Outlook

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