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I am trying to help someone to use Outlook as they have two folders with 10G
of .dbx files using Outlook Express 6. OE pointed to one folder as the file
store and I had no problem getting that folder of emails imported into
Outlook. However I could not import the other folder of .dbx files into
Outlook to a separate .pst file or import at all. How could I do that? Would
I have to first tell OE to use the other folder and then import into
Outlook, though I am concerned that would import emails into the same
Outlook .pst unless I created another one first and mad it the default.

Thanks Steve



Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

You'll get much better results exporting to Outlook form OE than importing
with Outlook. OE will export to the active Outlook profile and the default
delivery location (.PST file) set for that profile. In this case, export
from OE to Outlook, create a separate Outlook profile with a new .PST file,
return to OE, set it to use the second set of .DBX files, and export again.
For addresses, use Outlook's import feature (which is the opposite of how
you transfer messages; this is the only area where Outlook's import works
better than OE's export.)

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