Importing data into BCM


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Well, I have spent last 2 days having fun importing data.

Quickbooks 2003 - BCM: .IIF file importing 'customer list' - nothing
complicated but BCM did a lousy job. Address fields got mapped usign
'scatter brain' - Complete shambles.

It did get company name, e.mail, tel and fax right.

Maximizer 2003 - to BCM: It got lost on used defined fields. Mapping seems
to see only 2 out of 5 - basically entries that start with letter 'L'. I
have not worked out how to get contacts in there. That's the weekend job.

On 'group edit' - I thought I could export data from BCM to Excel 2007,
change value in fields in Excel and then Import into BCM. Simple you would
think; Not So. I got the following error on importing into BCM.

""""Business Contact Manager for Outlook could not import the Account "J J
Group Practice Ltd " because "Unable to save the Account object, Not
The record that failed is: *************"""""""""""


Were you able to successfully import from Maximizer 2003 into BCM? And, is
BCM better?

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