importing a .pst file from O 2000 to O 2003



I'm getting an error message when trying to setup Outlook
2003. Per Microsoft instrauctions, I'm copying over
the .pst file from Outlook 2000 (on my old PC) and am
bringing it into Outlook 2003 by going File:Open:Outlook
Data File. But when I select the file I've copied over, I
get an error mesage: "File access is denied. You do not
have the permission required to access the file
(filename)." The file IS read only (which I saw a
reference to in antoher posting), but I haven't yet
figured out how to mark it "Archive" instead of "Read




Greg Mansius [MSFT]

Is the .pst file on a CD? If so, copy it onto the hard drive and then turn
off the Read-Only attribute (through the Properties dialog for the file).

Hope this helps.

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