Import Frontpage 2000 Site Over FTP


Justin Goldberg

I have a web page that someone else made in Frontpage 2000. The
server only supports ftp. How do I import this site to edit in
frontpage? I'm worried that if I follow the information here[1] that
I might delete the whole website.

As an aside, is frontpage 2003 compatible with editing a frontpage 2k
created site? Are there any issues to consider?


Trevor Lawrence

FP supports publishing to/from FTP sites.

One of my sites supports FPSE, so I use HTTP transfer in FP, another does
not support FPSE, so I use FTP transfer in FP Or even just transfer
individual files using an FTP client (e.g. FileZilla). The latter can also
be done with FPSE sites also provided one is careful what is and is not

Trevor Lawrence
Web Site


FrontPage 2000 does NOT support publishing FROM an FTP site. FrontPage
2003 and Expression Web do, however.

To get files from an FTP site for use with FP2000 the user must use an
FTP client to download the entire site to a folder, then open that
folder in FrontPage and allow it to be converted to a web site.
FrontPage can be used to publish TO an FTP site.

Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (FrontPage)
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