Can I create a FrontPage website over an existing website?



I am unable to publish to our live website using FrontPage, even though I
have a mapped network drive to our web server. The web site was created using
FrontPage several years ago (probably FrontPage 2000). I am running FrontPage
2003. We do not publish to an FTP site.

I updated my local copy of the website, but when I go to publish, FrontPage
wants me to create a web site. Will that wipe out the web site, or just make
it visible to FrontPage so that I can publish to it?

Jens Peter Karlsen [FP-MVP]

It will replace files that are called the same.
I would suggest that you import the pages you want to keep to FP and
then delete the rest and Publish the new Web.

Regards Jens Peter Karlsen. Microsoft MVP - Frontpage.

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