Publishing Forms in Frontpage 2000/2003.



I am creating a company survey using Frontpage. However, I cannot find an
article that gives the specific steps ..not general.. to puiblish the form to
a web server; that would located on a local network.

The articles I have found have shown how to publish to FTP, but I cannot get
the form to work in FTP. Would the steps differ from publishing a form in
..asp or .html; as in this article I found?

Many thanks.


What type of pages are you trying to publish?

Also, regardless of whether you're publishing to the internet or an
intranet, you are still going to have to publish to a web server, and the
procedure is the same. If you are using FrontPage forms, to have the
functionality they provide available to you you will have to publish, not
FTP, them to a web server with the FrontPage extensions installed.

If you can give more information on what you're trying to accomplish and how
you're going about it, we can provide a better answer.

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