FTP and FrontPage Extensions



I wish to abandon FrontPage and use PHP, MySql instead. I currently have two
domains up and running created with FrontPage and on a Windows Server with
FrontPage extensions. I received the following instructions from my hosting

1. Backup your current site

2. Turn on PHP, make sure it is working

3. Turn off FrontPage

4. Push you DataBase

5. Remove old code

6. Upload new code

If something is not working, enable FP back and upload old site.


But when I turn off FrontPage for either domain, I cannot access my site
using the FrontPage. I try to open the site with FrontPage, I receive an

"The Web server at my domain does not appear to have Windows SharePoint
Services installed."

So then I turn on the FrontPage extensions again and I can open my site. So
I am stuck at your instruction #3.Turn off FrontPage.

I have read that one author (Paul Colligan/Jim Cheshire) of a FrontPage book
wrote "FrontPage Server Extensions and FTP never worked nicely together.
Although some will claim that they can make them work together in harmony, I
have never been able to make it work."

So do I need to host my domains on different server without FrontPage
extensions even though they can be disabled but that does not seem to help?

David Berry

If you want to open your web using FrontPage then you need the FrontPage
Extensions Installed. If you just want to create a site using FrontPage
then create it locally and FTP it to the server. I see no reason why they
included step 3. You can still do PHP if the FP Extensions are installed.


Thank you David,

Will I encounter problems with PHP and MySql with FrontPage and its
extensions later though? I have created a site locally on localhost with PHP
and it is working.

Thomas A. Rowe

You shouldn't have any problems, however if your host allows, place all of your PHP content in a FP
subweb, then if you want to use FTP, you will be safe with just accessing the subweb via FTP.

Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage



Thank you Thomas,

My site is very simple so far. I have the following:










As you can see everything has the php extension. Is it still possible to
create a subweb and place everything in it? One could also download a free
FTP client application and maintain files without having to have FrontPage
on the computer if it was in a subweb?

Thomas A. Rowe

You have to have FP extensions in order to create a subweb, as a subweb is a function of the FP

If the site works with the FP extensions installed and you publish via FP, then I wouldn't worry
about it.

Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage



Thank you Thomas.

What do you name the home page with PHP so that when you type in the domain
name, it defaults to it? I tried to get that information from my host but
have not received a response. I thought maybe you could give me a few

Andrew Murray

The 'home' page is whatever your host has set it to.
"index.php" or "default.php" are two examples - but check with your host on
the specific one for your site.


Thanks-got it figured out. I had to configure the Directory Indexes under
the Web Service. Sorry it was not really a relevant question for a
FrontPage newsgroup.

Thank you everyone for your help! This is still one of my favorite


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