Im the only Admin, Im controlled by Group Policy?



Hi I am troubleshooting a problem Im having with my computer connecting to
torrents. I suspect the culprit is Windows Firewall but I cannot shut it
off. It says, "for your security some settings are controlled by group

I did not enact a group policy, I am the only person who uses this pc. I
have the only user account minus the Guest login. I have XP Home edition. Is
there a way to Uninstall the Firewall or maybe get rid of this "group policy?"

I have already tried making exceptions for my programs but it doesn't work.


Hello Brian-

Have you tried disabling the Windows Firewall service?
Click Start>run>type "services.msc" (without the quotes) and then press enter.
You will find the service near the bottom of the long list of services. I
wouldn't recommend leaving the service off for too long, unless you have a
3rd party firewall software installed or are using a router that has firewall
protection. I hope this helps.


I was aware of this option to tell you the truth. I do have a router with a
built in firewall thats why I wanted to stop Windows Firewall. This does
solve my problem but do you have any idea about how this whole group policy
thing came to be?

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