iis error 1053



I am getting an IIS error 1053. IIS is started, but www and ftp are on
starting. If I try to restart it I get a 1053 error. I also can not open the
IIS shortcut. I try to do a net start and get the service is started. I can
not get to my localhost via a browser.

Any help.


I have read about this error before somewhere, (although not related to iis)
the cause was simply a full application log, try clearing the application
log and see if that helps.

Unless anyone has a more intelligent idea.



This information did not help me at all. What could be wrong, can I
uninstall and and re-install IIS and if so how is this done. Also I am
running Apache and Cold Fusion on this system, but this happened before I
installed them. I know IIS listens to port 80, but I can not even get in
there to change this.


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