If I upgrade my computer from Windows ME to XP



Will my computer run slower?
My system specification is
30gb hard drive
866 Mhz
256 DRAM
256kb L2 cache- 133 system bus
3D AGP graphics
Pentium 3 processor

I have got the Windows XP home edition installation disk, but was wondering
whether my computer would run slower if I installed it.

Also, if I want to upgrade, do I just put the setup disk in and run the
installation file, or do I have to uninstall Windows ME first?

Another thing I want to ask is that after I have upgraded, how do I update
my Master Restore CD so that when I want to totally reboot my computer,
Windows XP installs and not ME?

Any suggestions much appreciated,

Dave Patrick

1.) It probably won't make much difference speed wise.

2.) Yes just pop the CD-Rom in and follow the prompts. Always have on hand
backup for anything you can't afford to lose. Prior to the install you may
want to; run;
winnt32 /checkupgradeonly
from the \i386 directory on your install CD-Rom.

3.) To do a clean install boot the Windows XP install CD-Rom. When you get
to the point, delete the existing NTFS and or other partitions found. After
you delete the partition(s) abort the install, then again restart the pc
booting the CD-Rom to avoid unexpected drive letter assignments with your
new install.

During Windows XP setup, at some point, will want to confirm the previous
operating system for the upgrade; at that point you'll simply insert the
qualified product install CD for it to verify. Then the install will

Be sure to apply SP2 or at least these two below to your new install before
connecting to any network.




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