ieee 1394



Win XP H.E.

I am having trouble with a ieee 1394 card.
After installing the card, I loose the internet connection
on my Realtek nic.

The IP address on nic changes to 169.*

I have tried to disable the ieee 1394 card in network
connections.Did a reboot, no go.

I have tried taking all cards out of box. Installing the
ieee 1394 first. shutdown. Install nic. Still no internet
to nic, goes to private assigned IP address on nic.

tried to add IP to nic, then reboot. Still no go.

It appears the WIN XP assigns the ieee 1394 as a network
adapter to use as LAN connection. How do I make this work.

Devices connected to the ieee 1394 work great.

I noticed on the ieee 1394 card the following.
Client for MS Win
file and print sharing
is on the card.

Would assigning an IP address to the ieee 1394 card
resovle this ?

Also, after using device manager to remove ieee 1394 card,
then shutting down, physically remove it. When I start PC,
I have to use sys restore to get nic to see internet.

It appears that somewhere in the registry, the nic is
being changed ????

Thanks in Advance,


I did that Cari, but I still loose Internet connection on nic, nic goes to a
assigned private address of 169.*


Thanks for being patient.
No I had not tried that. I have a cable modem, connected to a cable/dsl
router. I did try to turn off the dhcp serv on router, ( left nat on), and
manually asign ip to nic. Still no go. One reason not to try is that even
after I take the 1394 out of the pc, the nic still has the 169.* address, I
have to do a sys restore to get IP back to nic.

I wondered if it would be possible to assign 1394 an adress ?
this device is a VIA OHCI host controller -

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

The odd times I've seen the 169. address 'appear' on my PCs, I've pulled the
power lead out of the back of the router and left it for two minutes, then
reconnected it. Then rebooted all the PCs. It's sorted it out by itself.



Thanks Cari,
I will give that a try. After I put card back in pc. Thanks for your time. I
do appreciate it.

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