PCI card IEEE 1394 chipset VT6306



I need help support for this VT6306 PCI Card chipset

VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394. On my Computer Management the IEEE 1394
Bus Controller appears to be installed correctly, but when... for
example: I use Windows Movie Maker or Windows Media Encorder or
similar Capturing program, from such program(s) I am able to rewind,
fast foward and the DV Camcorder responds, but when I pressing Play,
displays nothing, and pressing Record give an error "Class not
Registered".( 0X80040154 )

How do I registered this component correctly?. I need a reliable VIA
OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 - VT6306 driver. The one Microsoft provides
with the installation disk is not properly working. please if you know
or find a fix or where I can fix this problem...please email me at -
(e-mail address removed)

In my case is not a cable issue, because my other computer have
motherboard integrated IEEE 1394, and DV cam works perfectly with all
three IEEE1394 cables that I have. And with PCI Card VIA OHCI
Compliant IEEE 1394 - chipset VT6306, problem still remains.

please Help

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