IEEE 1394 DV transfers too slow


DV Novice

Equipment: Epox 2.4GHz Raid 0 2HDs Stripping Mode, 1Gb RAM, 512 Cache, 160Gb
HD HD space, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum with 2 Firewire ports
back and front, HandyCam DCR-HC30.

OS: XP SP2 Professional

Program: Movie Maker
Feature in Question: "send to DV"

For those interested, this topic addresses slow IEEE 1394 transfers.
There may be other considerations, but for the moment I want to solve
IEEE 1394 driver IRQ assignment issues and maximize transfer rates.
Read through the following, go to your computer and check your IRQ
assignments. We may learn something.

Footnote: WinDV transfers repeat the same problem as Movie Maker.

Software Adjustments and Maintenance:
Audigy drivers update done.
I trimmed running processes. I'm about to uninstall Norton Utilities. I
found a way to stop lots of loading drivers on startup with START / RUN /
MSCONFIG and also Hijackthis. Cleared all programs from Startup Folder.
Disk Cleanup, Defrag
Things are at a minimum, but I'll leave Antivirus on for now.
Hint: Cancel all automated tasks and schedules, ie live updates.

Q: If IEEE 1394 is suppossed to be using DMA, how do I enable DMA?
DMA 2 Floppy

Transfers from the DV to computer work very well. Quality, video and sound.
At that time the processor isn't compiling, so, it's understandable a
weakness in the IEEE 1394 tranfer speed would not show up.

I suspect IEEE drivers, driver setting, or cable, or the SB Audigy IEEE 1394


IEEE 1394 Bus Host Adapter
OHIC Compliant IEEE (provider Microsoft)
Resources - IRQ 11

VIEW / Resources by Connection / IRQ

**I notice IRQ 11 is shared with:

(PCI)11 HPT372 UDMA/ATA133 RAID Cntlr
(PCI)11 OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Cntlr
(PCI)11 Standard Universal PCI to USB Host Cntlr

*HPT372 supplied by Creative is not Digitally Signed
Note: The microsoft RAID driver doesn't work on my motherboard. At least the
driver on the XP Installation disk.

Three PCI devices sharing the same IRQ might explain IEEE 1394 transfer
delays .

Q: Does anyone concur? (Catch me if you can.)

Q: How may I change the IRQ settings for the IEEE 1394? I should be asking
Microsoft Support or post in another MS newsgroup.

Q:Any suggestions which MS newsgroup?

Thanks to All

DV Novice

Hello Cari,
What do you mean by 'too slow'. You CANNOT transfer as faster than

20 secs of film shouldn't take 50secs of record time on the miniDV

Thanks, DV Novice

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