IE6 x86 not loading pages, IE6 x64 works fine.



System Spec:
Windows XP x64

When opening Internet Explorer x86, it communicates with the given website
but does not go as far as loading it.

All direct connections under other programs work perfectly. It seems that it
is only when a http/ftp.. request is made.

The error is also visible in any other program that requests a web page to
load either internally or within explorer itself, e.g Valve's Steam software,
where it attempts to load the 'store' page, but goes nowhere.

Strange thing is, Internet Explorer x64 is working fine...

I've run anti-virus/spyware and was given a clean report. (software: Windows
Defender, NOD32, Outpost Firewall)

- Also tried installing the Internet Explorer beta, but the problem was
still there. - I'm back to IE6 now.

Any tool for removing IE completely from the registry? So I can have a fresh

Thanks, Frank

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