IE6 Cannot Connect using SSL2/3




For some obscure reason IE6 cannot connect to sites that
require SSL2.0 or 3.0.. TLS works fine but this doesnt

Ive re-applied all the relevant service packs, tried
reinstalling IE (unfortunatley as you know I cannot remove
and re-install due to it being locked in by XP)

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how I can fix the
SSL Issue?



Rick \Nutcase\ Rogers

Hi Tony,

Start/run "softpub.dll"

See if it helps. By the way, to reinstall IE6, simply copy/paste this
command into a start/run prompt:

rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132

Or, locate the ie.inf file under %windir%\INF, right-click it and choose

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers aka "Nutcase" MS-MVP - Win9x
Windows isn't rocket science! That's my other hobby!

Associate Expert - WinXP - Expert Zone

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