IE times out after 10 minutes



IE has developed a problem whereby it stops working about 10 minutes after
the PC is turned on. The internet connection still works for other programs
(Outlook Express, Remote Desktop) but IE ceases to be able to locate any web
pages. If it is in the middle of a download, it just hangs.

Any ideas?

Jan Il

Hi SPG :)

You don't mention the version of Windows you are using, or what type of
connection, i.e. DSL, Dial-up, Cable, etc., but, try the following and see
if it helps:

Microsoft Internet Explorer may stop responding for up to six minutes;en-us;833301&Product=ie600

Internet Explorer Appears to Stop Responding When You Start It;[LN];220902

How Internet Explorer Cache Settings Affect Web Browsing;EN-US;263070

Power Management adjustments to stop connection loss:

Start>Settings> Control Panel>Network and Dial-up Connections>Local Area
Connection>Properties>Configure>Power Management tab>uncheck "Allow the
computer to turn off this device to save power."

This problem can also be caused by some OE settings:

Go to IE tools/internet options/connection/dial up settings/advanced dial up

Make sure that "Disconnect when connection may no longer be required" is
turned off, and that the option to "Disconnect if idle" is turned off as
Later Windows versions have an option to disconnect when connection speed
drops below a certain percentage. Turn that off.

Outlook Express options can cause problems if the programme is running.

Go to Outlook Express, tools/options/connection and make sure *connect to
this account using* is not selected for each mail and news account. Make
sure there is no conflict in account settings - each account should show the
connection option of *any available*.

Scroll down to My dialup settings keep changing from 'never dial' to 'always
dial' or vise versa

Also....visit the Windows update site and let it scan for any necessary
updates and install them.

Hope this helps.

Jan :)
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Found a Soloution

Install Zone Alarm and scan the PC for trojan's and spyware

you have Win32.Trojan.Dialer.hz

it stops all the http traffice after 10min of booting XP

MS defender does not find it

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